Home Motto Forum Bulletin Board Letter to Lynda Greene

December 14, 2009

Lynda Greene;

After the way you disrespectfully dismissed me, I felt I had no alternative but to return your VHS tapes to you rather than convert them to DVD's. Your one-upmanship by giving me a "NOTICE TO VACATE" 15 to 20 minutes after I refused to do so, and again make me a homeless vet is a new low even for you.

The residents here are not inmates to be shoved around at your whim and you are not a warden. You are not even a judge, to dispense community service to residents that run afoul of you. The community service that you forced on others is no more than enslavement and a violation of their civil rights. You are a conduit to manage the daily affairs of the building and to coordinate with people, companies and other entities that wish to donate time, money and other services and properties to the veterans that live here. Not to decide what or if the veterans should get what is donated to them. I hope that you enjoy the big screen TV that is now in your home that belonged to the Degeorge.

It has been over 18 month since you have been given a letter from my doctor at the VA informing you of my respiratory and back health requirements and the need for a bigger room. You have promised me a larger room several times but in the end always had an excuse as to why I could not be moved. I asked you if I needed to go to housing about it, or to mention it when I went to housing for my annual review, you told me not to bring the subject up, that you would take care of it. I guess this is your way of taking care of it by giving me the great outdoors.

You are very selective when enforcing the rules in our leases by allowing individuals that have come up positive in drug tests to continue living here or; with people that have had physical altercations where the police have been called and have been taken to jail. You allow staff (Danny Snead) to rant and rave around tenants in the communal area leaving them to wonder if they are in danger and need to call the police. The building is supposed to be drug, alcohol and smoke free. You allow otherwise by not enforcing both Housing and DeGeorge at Union Station rules. BUT, you are going to twist the rules to advocate your pettiness to put Veterans of your choice on the streets. I and others that this has happened to may have a restless night's sleep, but after watching you for two years I believe your lack of moral conscience will not hinder your sleep at all.

You have this fascination with controlling our lives if visiting females come into the building and must follow your rules, as we all should, but in your angst to appear politically correct, you turn your back when gay men are promiscuious in the facility! Your Hypocrisy in this matter simply amazes me.

I have worked with the YMCA and the Food Bank to bring food to tenants that were in need. How do you help the veterans here? You've taken food from the DeGeorge Pantry and given it to your church rather than distribute to tenants. As you have informed individuals, the veterans here receive pensions and your church members need it more.

You have a funny way of paying back my kindness also. I have given you and your secretary computers to work with because yours broke and was too old to repair, and your secretary didn't even have one, she didn't even have a desk, she was using a folding card table to work on, so I provided her with a desk. Your first comment when the desk was moved in, was "where's mine". I did not realize that you did not have a desk and were using a table. When I tried to get a desk that would fit into your office, it was always the wrong color. I have put in countless hours repairing and maintaining these same computers. They are not top notch computers, but they are what I could afford and were better than what you had. You also where very petty because you thought that I provided your secretary with a flat screen monitor in which I had nothing to do with, but I caught the grief over.

I hope that it is just a rumor, but I also heard that a group last year gave gift cards for Christmas that were to be given to the veterans to total the amount of $75 each, but that the veterans only received $25 each. I would like to know if this is true or not and can we contact the group in question to verify the validity of this claim?

I could go on and on, but I feel that if and when the investigation begins on the practices here, more will come out than even I know about.